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I’m Carl Waldron, a Creative Director and Designer. I help brands close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Where do you want to be? I’ll help you get there.


Creative Director, Branding, Logo Design, Marketing, Product Design Manager.

Problem: A growth start-up in need of creative direction and front-end product design

Solution: As Creative Director, I led the design department and the creation of the product design system, designed the company brand, and all marketing campaign materials.

Results: $500M acquisition by private equity firm Thoma Bravo

Survey Report Design

The Pod Hotel

Branding, Messaging, Logo design, Web Design & Development.

Problem: The Pickwick Arms Hotel required a re-brand to help attract a new, younger guest demographic

Solution: I designed the brand identity, hotel decor, website, and design system for the new direction to compliment its niche “small room” aesthetic.

Results: The Pod Hotel has become a multi-location hotel chain with increased traffic and engagement

The Pod Hotel Branding

Ria Health

Branding, Messaging, Logo design, Web Design & Development.

Problem: Ria Health required a new brand and messaging direction to complement its future goals

Solution: I re-designed the Ria brand identity, their messaging, social media, and web design.

Results: Increase brand recognition on social media, ease-of-use, and B2C engagement with Ria Health

Greenbelt Conservancy

Branding, logo design, visual identity, and design system.

To update the Greenbelt Conservancy brand, I focused on the trail markers that adorned the trees in the park. The minimalist stack serves as the basis for a comprehensive design system that could be implemented throughout the park. The use of Helvetica Now pairs well with the simplified logomark to create an easy-to-understand system for signage, collateral, and environmental design.


Branding, Messaging, Logo design, Web Design & Development.

This is Hungie, a random meal generator sourced from other people who have no idea what to eat. It's the Hungry leading the Hungry.

Hungie Responsive Web Design on Laptop and Mobile
Hungie: The "What to eat?" platform Branding and Web Design
Hungie: The "What to eat?" platform Branding and Web Design
Hungie Logo Design

Fate of the Spectre

Branding, print design, visual identity, typography, trading card design.

Fate of the Spectre is a superhero-themed trading card game. It follows the DC Comics pantheon of heroes and villains battling to control the Tower of Fate.

Fate of the Spectre Trading Card Desgin
The Spectre is using the Tower of Fate to traverse the multiverse and capture its strongest beings. With his makeshift team of heroes and villains in tow, Doctor Fate assaults his home, traversing the now-deadly caverns of the Tower of Fate to rescue the captors and stave off oblivion!
Fate of the Spectre Mobile Game Screens

Product Design Leader

Healthcare Digital Product User Experience Design
Zipari Branding Collection
Survey Report Design
Healthcare Digital Product User Experience Design

B2B Marketing Design

Zipari Trade Show Booth Design
Zipari Branding Collection
Survey Report Design

I often write words.


For over two decades, I’ve honed my expertise in design and development, consistently delivering innovative solutions to design challenges. My journey has taken me through various roles within design agencies and as an in-house design leader, where I’ve demonstrated creative leadership and a player-coach mentality. Each project presents an exciting opportunity to apply my robust creative and design management skills, ensuring an efficient, creative production pipeline.

My passion for growth and innovation defines my career. I’ve adopted the mantra “Get pulled back, not pushed forward” to remind myself to always lean towards bold, innovative, creative direction.

I excel in fostering collaboration within my creative teams and managing fruitful relationships with external vendors and agencies, seamlessly blending creativity with strategic thinking to tackle complex challenges.

Through empathetic storytelling, human-centered UX/UI design, and thoughtful brand strategy, I continuously strive to elevate companies and connect with their target audience on a profound level.


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Blue Mountain: 2023 – 2024
Head of Creative Services

Zipari: 2014 – 2023
Creative Director

Ria Health: 2021 – 2022
Creative Direction / Development

Freelancers Union: 2010 – 2014
Senior Creative Developer

321 Worldwide: 2006 – 2009
Design Director

Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design
School of Visual Arts

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Writing was a hobby that became a passion. That passion became a legitimate job. I Freelance write about things I love, like pop culture or professional wrestling. I’ve been lucky enough to create a number of pieces for various publications like Popverse and

In need of some content creation? Contact me, I'd love to work on some new stuff.

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