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Carl Waldron

Content creation or Design, I have you covered. Specializing in hospitalityhealthcare, and entertainment. A very unique and rewarding cross-section for sure.


I build brands that captivate and engage their target audiences

A captive audience is one willing to invest in your business. A larger audience means more revenue. Establishing your brand and building awareness is a key ingredient to capturing your market’s attention.

Does your brand need a refresh to help captivate the people? Let’s work together to get it done.

I’ve done it for The Pod Hotel and Zipari. I can help you too. Let’s Work Together.


Crafting well-tested digital products is my specialty

In an age where everyone is using digital products, it’s important to build human-centered portals and apps. What does that mean? It means putting your users or members first, and building solutions that benefit the end-user. Trust me, it makes a huge difference. Do your digital products need a human touch? Let’s fix that.


I manage teams of people much smarter and creative than I am

I’ve managed a number of design & development teams during the course of my career. The key to my success is surrounding myself with fantastic people who do great work. Also who like to have a bit of fun. When my teams and I weren’t having Hot Ones inspired lunches, or playing laser tag, we used that extra time to design a number of high-quality consumer products that helped over 14 million people. Let’s Work Together!


I execute ideas that spring to mind

I live in a constant state of “Let me create something, damn it!” which would be exhausting if it weren’t so motivating. I have a fervent need to build, design, draw, make, or create. It’s worked out very well so far. This drive leads me to start my own Dribbble-style short posts called “Quickies“. It’s a land of ideas that have the potential to be more. I also take a swing at redesigning brands and logos I think have potential. Have a gem of an idea you need to be tackled? Let’s Work Together!

He is an incredibly talented designer and artist, and also works efficiently and quickly under tight deadlines.

Hollis CalhounExecutive Director of Strategic Affairs & Communications at Vanderbilt University

Products are designed for users, not stakeholders.

Here’s a quick guide on how to navigate product design projects so you develop the best possible solution for your end-user. Always remember, you aren’t designing for you, or your boss. You are designing for the person using the product.

Read the guide

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update stole my ideas!

Not really, but totally did. At the height of Animal Crossing: New Horizons' popularity in 2020, I found the product lacking in features. The longevity of the game was in question by fans since you couldn't really interact with all the items within the game. Not to mention the villagers…
Carl Waldron
November 15, 2021
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