Designer & Developer

I develop and launch successful brands, user-friendly web apps, and products for growing businesses. My work increases revenue, expands brand awareness and generates MQLs (Marketing-Qualified Leads).

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I create and manage brands:


I serve as Creative Director for Zipari and Chief Creative for Doing LLC. I put my design and development skills to work, helping clients, agencies, and in-house teams excel.

My Full-Stack Development and Creative Direction proficiency provides a unique perspective on the digital landscape. I work closely with dev teams, mentor design teams, collaborate with C-Suite, and manage external vendors to execute tasks.

My career spans agency life, in-house, and independent clients. I am always highly excited for the next great design challenge to overcome.

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Zipari : 2019 – Now
Creative Director – Marketing

Zipari : 2017 – 2019
Creative Director – Product

Zipari : 2014 – 2017
Associate Creative Director – Product

Ria Health : 2021 – 2022
Creative Direction / Development

Freelancers Union : 2010 – 2014
Senior Creative Developer

321 Worldwide : 2006 – 2009
Design Director

Design Stack

Adobe Creative Suite

Tech stack



Product Design

Build your products for the end user, not the stakeholder. Always remember who will use the product and tailor your research, UX, and UI to that audience. Back up your decisions with data and avoid “I don’t like” traps. Challenge likes with user data and develop your best possible product. Always remember it will never be perfect, but it can be great.

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Branding Design

Your logo is your handshake, not your elevator pitch. Please keep it simple and let your messaging, content, and values do the heavy lifting. Your logo reminds people that you walk the walk. Stay brand consistent by following your style guide, and be bold, never regular.

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Web Design & Development

Your codebase is like a house. Without a solid foundation, it will crumble. Avoid restarting dev procedures and establish a scalable workflow to which your team can follow and contribute. Keep your tech stack strict and pay back as much, if not all, of your tech debt as soon as possible.

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Always remember there is more to learn; your team is the perfect teacher. Never dictate. Always collaborate. Protect and insulate your team from unnecessary headaches and provide them the tools, room, and opportunity to grow. Earn their respect, and never give your team a reason to lose it. Also, hot sauce challenges are fun.

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B2B / B2C Marketing Design

There is no better way to market to your audience than with empathy-driven storytelling. You can appeal to your audience with human-centered stories and designs that drive insight and affinity. If your audience can relate personally to your message, they are more likely to engage positively with your campaign.

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I merge my love of design and pop culture with the Design Behind The Mask series on Secret Identity (LINK)

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I delivered high-quality solutions for each of these wonderful companies. Contact me and join the list of satisfied partners.