As Creative Director, I crafted the Product Designs for Zipari products and developed the visual brand strategy for the company.

Design problem: Health Tech startup in need of branding and product design

Solution(s): Brand strategy, Web Design, Product Design& Development, Design Leadership, Client Liaison

When Zipari launched in 2014, we needed to stand out in the health insurance tech crowd. We leaned into a heavy slab serif to connote our bold approach to the industry. We aim to help payers understand their membership at every touchpoint.

Surely a tall order and one that our brand needed to embody. I developed a brand mark (The Signal) to represent our commitment to understanding how people navigate the health insurance industry. Whether it’s a member or Broker purchasing insurance or a Service Representative handling a complaint, Zipari and its suite of technology are there to increase ease of use and reduce confusion. We made the brand model that sentiment.

During my tenure as Creative Director, we revamped the UX of the Product Suite to employ empathy-focused designs based primary on end-user testing and data. We’ve also increased our credibility in the industry through eye-catching environmental design and successful print and web campaigns. The brand continues to evolve, shifting to a more approachable, empathetic style to help engage with potential clients and their membership.