I’m a Creative Director and Design Manager specializing in branding and product design.

    For the last 17 years, I’ve lead teams and participated in every step of a brand and a product’s life cycle. Starting from initial brainstorms through final deliverables. I am ready for anything. I love to make things that help people. And kettlebell workouts. Functional designs and functional fitness.

    It’s nice to meet you, how can I help you solve your problems?


    Super. Black. Represents Black Fandom.

    Growing up without positive, strong characters to identify with can be a real detriment to personal growth. Seeing a superhero rise to great heights (literally and figuratively) and saying “They look like me!” is an amazing feeling. Now imagine all the kids who grew up without that feeling. Seeing all those powerful people and none of them resemble you. Could you imagine? I can. Because that’s how I grew up.

    Super. Black. aims to bring the powerful people of color to the forefront. We aim to Represent. Listen to the show and celebrate all the colorful characters with us. Subscribe on iTunes. Tell a friend!