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    Carl Waldron - My Face

    HELLO! I’m Carl Waldron. I am a creative director and design manager specializing in branding and product design.

    I live in a constant state of “Let me create something dammit!” which would be exhausting if it weren’t so motivating. I have a fervent need to build, design, draw, make, or create. It’s worked out very well so far.

    I’ve built and lead teams of amazing creatives and developers. Together we’ve created digital products & mobile apps for our clients. All validated through testing and designed to be easy to use.

    I have designed and delivered brands for companies large and small. I am well-versed in crafting validated user experiences, building brand, and product design systems, and occasionally building web apps using Django and Angular.

    In the last 16 years, I’ve participated in every step of a brand and a product’s life cycle. Starting from initial brainstorms through final deliverables. I am ready for anything. I love to make things that help people. And kettlebell workouts. Functional designs and functional fitness.

    It’s nice to meet you, how can I help you solve your problems?

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    Work on DC Comics.