I love podcasting. Here are a few shows I am currently working on.

Design Behind The Mask

Design Behind The Mask is a show where pop culture and graphic design meet. I explore the use of good design principles in video game pause menus, typography in comic books, the hierarchy of visual information in Magic: The Gathering Cards, and much more.

Super. Black.

I created Super. Black. as a way to learn and inform simultaneously. There were so many Black superheroes I had never heard of, which motivated me to create a platform to celebrate known and unknown superheroes. I grew up yearning for representation and didn’t even know it (hindsight). Today, Super. Black. strives to be a beacon of positive representation and give POC fans of pop culture a resource to learn about the coolest Black heroes and villains.

Oh, Wrestling Podcast

I enjoy pro wrestling. It’s like going to a carnival every Monday and Friday evening (and sometimes Saturday if there’s a pay-per-view). I started a ten-minute wrestling show to chat casually about the happenings in WWE and pro wrestling in general. It’s twice a week for ten minutes each. If you enjoy wrestling or just love my voice, go ahead and subscribe. I’d appreciate it.

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