I love podcasting. I am a one-man production artist. I built my makeshift podcast studio to wax poetic about my love of design, pop culture, and professional wrestling. I’ve started incorporating video production into the mix, creating YouTube shorts and animated backgrounds for some episodes.

Here are a few shows I am currently working on. Please enjoy, leave a review, and subscribe if you dig the dulcet tones.

Design Behind The Mask

Design Behind The Mask is a show where pop culture and graphic design meet. I explore the use of good design principles in video game pause menus, typography in comic books, the hierarchy of visual information in Magic: The Gathering Cards, and much more.

Super. Black.

I created Super. Black. as a way to learn and inform simultaneously. There were so many Black superheroes I had never heard of, which motivated me to create a platform to celebrate known and unknown superheroes. I grew up yearning for representation and didn’t even know it (hindsight). Today, Super. Black. strives to be a beacon of positive representation and give POC fans of pop culture a resource to learn about the coolest Black heroes and villains.

Oh, Wrestling Podcast

I enjoy pro wrestling. It’s like going to a carnival every Monday and Friday evening (and sometimes Saturday if there’s a pay-per-view). I started a ten-minute wrestling show to chat casually about the happenings in WWE and pro wrestling in general. It’s twice a week for ten minutes each. If you enjoy wrestling or just love my voice, go ahead and subscribe. I’d appreciate it.

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