Who’s hungry? Here’s Hungie? A Work In Progress

by | Jan 24, 2024 | A Work In Progress

My wife and I have been together for a very long time. Maybe too long? I’m kidding. Despite the incredible length of time we have been a pair, we still can’t decide what to eat. Ever. Every day, it’s “So, what do you want to eat?” “I dunno, what do the kids what?” “No, I’m not eating nuggets. What do YOU want?” And so on.

Who’s Hungie?

These types of non-issues in my life lead to weird ideas. This particular problem sparked an idea called “Hungie.” Hungie provides randomly generated meal ideas for indecisive or adventurous eaters. The name “Hungie” comes from an episode of the TV show Community. Britta prances around like a dullard, claiming she’s hungry for pizza.

So I took that word as inspiration and made this:

Hungie Logo Design
Hungie Logo Design

Then, I started mocking up a look and feel for a random food generator. These food suggestions would be user-sourced, so you can submit meals you have suggested to friends, family, and partners. The platform would then randomly feed (pun) that to someone looking for a meal idea. The tone of the suggestions is meant to be personable and feel like a friend is chatting with you.

Hungie: The "What to eat?" platform Branding and Web Design
Hungie: The “What to eat?” platform Branding and Web Design

Now I know what you are thinking. “Just use Chat GPT.” No. Where is the fun in that?

Will I build it?

Hungie Responsive Web Design on Laptop and Mobile
Hungie Responsive Web Design on Laptop and Mobile

I don’t know. Should I? Maybe I should build an app called “Should I build it” to help with these kinds of decisions. Regardless, I had a bit of fun for a few late evenings creating this. If someone finds it useful, let me know. And if you know a developer who wants to help build it, let me know that too. And if you know someone willing to sponsor it so I can keep feeding my family, I’ll take that information down as well, haha.

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