Greenbelt Conservancy rebrand exercise went well

by | Nov 14, 2020 | Feature

A good friend of mine mentioned he was participating in a logo competition for the Greenbelt Conservancy in Staten Island. I took this as an opportunity to stretch my branding muscles and create a quick brand refresh. This is purely an exercise and in no way submission to their competition.

Greenbelt Conservancy redesign exercise

Greenbelt Conservancy rebrand exercise: Logo comparison

Greenbelt Conservancy rebrand exercise: Logo comparison

The original logo was fine. There is nothing special or engaging about it, but not offensive in any design sense. To its credit, the original logo has well laid out typography. The green background is a bit bland and the edges of the bounding box are too snug.
My version utilizes common signage on the nature trails (see more below) and gives the Greenbelt Conservancy a mark that can be used throughout its brand. The contrast is bumped up to be more impactful and the colors have been saturated to give it more vibrance. Now let’s talk about that logo mark.

From functional signage to functional Design elements

Greenbelt Conservancy rebrand exercise: Logo inspiration

Greenbelt Conservancy rebrand exercise: Logo inspiration

After my friend mentioned to me the trail markers that adored the trees in the conservancy’s trail, I used that as a base for the Brand Identity. The new scalable, versatile logo mark based on the stacked rectangular trail markers gives this execution room to grow. Both on the trail and online. Let’s not forget the added bonus of branding nature. You can’t buy that type of exposure! Not to mention this logo branding doesn’t hurt the trees you paint it on. You win on every level.
Greenbelt Conservancy rebrand exercise: Logo versatility

Greenbelt Conservancy rebrand exercise: Logo versatility

Each trail is color-coded allowing the logo to adapt as each trail branches off or converges. The brand strengthens the more you interact with nature and the Greenbelt Conservancy.
Greenbelt Conservancy rebrand exercise: Signage Mockup

Greenbelt Conservancy rebrand: Signage Mockup

Alas, I will not be submitting this design. Now, if Greenbelt would like to hire me to complete the design system, I will be all for that. Until then, this Greenbelt Conservancy rebrand exercise will remain a well-realized idea that lives here on

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