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My DC You Game Show Pitch

My DC You Game Show Pitch

DC You, a now defunctcontest hosted by DC Universe asked for entries to develop content for the media giant. Here’s my losing entry.

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Thoughts on design, pop culture, parenthood, and how they all collide in my life.

Amazon and Comixology collide with disastrous design results

Digital comic book lovers are in a very justifiable tizzy. Amazon and ComiXology are now one. Actually, let me be more colorful. Amazon ate ComiXology and pooped out a crApp that currently pales compared to the original ComiXology experience. User digital comic book...

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update stole my ideas!

Not really, but totally did. At the height of Animal Crossing: New Horizons' popularity in 2020, I found the product lacking in features. The longevity of the game was in question by fans since you couldn't really interact with all the items within the game. Not to...

It’s for Our Sake Batman Always Wins

Who would win in a fight? Batman or some really powerful meta-being? It’s a question that has plagued mankind since an old Bruce Wayne plugged himself into the Gotham power grid and punched Superman a whole bunch in The Dark Knight Returns. Bruce came out the other...

Design products for the end user, not the stakeholders

Design is an extremely subjective field. Everyone has an aesthetic preference, so everyone has an opinion on good or bad design, especially when designing products or brands. If you check the comments of the Under Consideration blog Brand New, design professionals...

Helvetica Now has rekindled my love of the classic Typeface

I have always avoided using Helvetica due to its ubiquitous nature. It's literally everywhere. That's all thanks to its clean design and ability to work pretty much anywhere. From Verizon, to Jeep, to New York subway signage, Helvetica is a known quantity. I normally...

WWE ratings are bad, but there is hope in the Network

WWE ratings are bad. They have resorted to cutting back on Youtube content to drive fans to watch the shows live. In the age of streaming and digital content, it is counterproductive to lean so heavily into delivering your programming on cable tv. Currently, you can...

Bray Wyatt is the Creepy Mr. Rogers and I’m In

For the uninitiated, Bray Wyatt is am amazing creative talent in the WWE. He returned on WWE RAW this past Monday after a lengthy hiatus (he became a daddy!). Bray's return is enough to draw some groans from fans. Not because they don't like Bray. Quite the opposite,...

A creative career as a Sneakerhead

Countless (unless there is a sneaker census I know nothing about) men and women, young and old, would consider themselves a "Sneakerhead." Also known as a person fully engrossed in sneaker culture. I knew a man who walked with old Metro Cards in his shows to keep the...

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Design for the end-user, not the stakeholder.

Remember who the product is for, and make the best UX decisions for them.

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