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Thoughts on design, pop culture, parenthood, and how they all collide in my life.

Headshots: A Work In Progress

Take your face, add some Carified vector magic, and you have Headshots. Have you ever wanted a sticker of your face on a thing? I got you. #illustration #portrait #headshots #graphicdesign

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update stole my ideas!

Not really, but totally did. At the height of Animal Crossing: New Horizons' popularity in 2020, I found the product lacking in features. The longevity of the game was in question by fans since you couldn't really interact with all the items within the game. Not to...

How to build a brand and community simultaneously

I am a community manager (for lack of a better term) for a group of parents who love playing Destiny 2. It's called Dadstiny and it's a subgroup of The Dad on Facebook. When I pitched and ultimately created the group, I didn't think three years on I would still be...

The typographic simplicity of Control The typographic simplicity of Control: Design Behind The Mask Can we touch on the typographic simplicity of the fantastic game Control? The video game developed by Remedy Entertainment centers around a shadowy government...

Are graphic design degrees worth it?

Let's answer the question, "are graphic design degrees worth it?" I graduated way back in 2004 (I think) with a BA in Graphic Design. Long before that, I operated as a creative services agent. I worked design jobs with public relations firms and design agencies before...

Hue_Mun, A Brand Of Adequate Excellence

Say hi to Hue_Mun! Some of my weirdest ideas come from conversations with other strange people. One such person is Sasha Khan, co-founder of Jetsyt. We concocted a beauty brand for pretty people who could care less during one of our excellent, random conversations....

Super. Black. celebrates positive representation in pop culture. Like and subscribe to the podcast and visit for more!

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Design for the end-user, not the stakeholder.

Remember who the product is for, and make the best UX decisions for them.

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