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Find the problem

Health Tech Startup needed a new brand identity and product suite design strategy

Solve the problem

I developed a versatile brand aimed at putting a health plan’s membership first (the person in the Signal logo), using validated product designs, my design team aimed to make purchasing health insurance fast and easy. 

The Impact

The Zipari product suite now serves over 10 million health plan members across the United States and the brand continues to gain noterietay 

When Zipari launched in 2014, we needed to stand out in the health insurance tech crowd. We leaned into a heavy slab serif to connote our bold approach to the industry. We aim to help payers understand their membership at every touchpoint. Surely a tall order and one that our brand needed to embody. I developed a brand mark (The Signal) to represent our commitment to understanding how people navigated the health insurance industry. Whether it’s a member or Broker purchasing insurance, or a Service Representative handling a complaint, Zipari and its suite of technology are there to increase ease-of-use and reduce confusion. We made the brand model that sentiment.
Over the years, we accumulated design debt that I needed to pay off. One big piece was creating a brand style guide. I took stock of our past decisions and did an audit of our existing brand. I needed to make sure our strategy was still aligned with the goals we set for the company. Some bits (i.e. The Signal & brand typography) had to change while others (i.e. our color decisions and base visual system) remained consistent.

Differentiate a new startup from the crowded health insurance tech vertical

  • Date

    July 6, 2014

  • Skills

    Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Creative Direction, Web Development, Collateral Creation

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