Social Community Branding

Dadstiny is an online gaming community serving over 1,000 active members centered around the video game Destiny 2. The group serves parents who have little time to play but also want to engage with the game’s users.

I am the community manager and brand designer for this community. I’ve developed an online portal ( collateral, social personas, and a custom typeface, all to both engage and grow the membership.

Custom Typeface

This original typeface, named DADSTINY, is utilized in a number of marketing materials for the community. It became the official logotype for the group in 2020. This typeface, coupled with Helvetica Now serves as the brand typography. The following marketing graphics are event promos for the community using the typeface DADSTINY.
If you are looking to create your own Typeface, look into FontSelf. It’s an easy-to-use, all-in-one app for Adobe+Mac users to convert their ideas into digital type. Works wonders for first-time typographers (like myself).

Digital Marketing Assets

Custom Illustration

These custom characters are Cestmir and his son Burk. They are original creations depicting a father and son team from within the Destiny 2 universe. They were converted into a coloring book page for the community to print out and give to their kids during the pandemic. You can download it here for free.