Who’s Hungie? The build begins

by | Jan 25, 2024 | A Work In Progress

After my last post, I received some good feedback on the Hungie Work In Progress idea. I was advised to try and build it. After some quick thought, I responded with a “nah” because who has the time? Well, I did. My wife and kids hit the bed, and I decided to start coding. It turns out Hungie isn’t that hard to build. So now we are on a journey to get this bad boy up and running.

The Hungie tech stack

Hungie Logo Design
Hungie Logo Design

I haven’t coded in quite a while, so I defaulted to my most comfortable stack, Python and Django. That doesn’t mean I am at all a good Python or Django developer. But I can stand up a project and get some things done when I have to. Half asleep, I started writing the most basic application in Django. I created the models, stood up the admin, wrote the URLs, and ran the server. Hey, it worked. Then the Views came, and I remembered why I focus on design and branding and not coding.

Like any good dev, I researched StackOverflow and Reddit to find the proper way to generate a random database entry in Django. It’s a pretty common question, so I found a solution quickly and tried it.

It failed.

The most fun I have when developing (yes, fun) is when something doesn’t work. Tinkering and tweaking code is oddly relaxing. So I went into a trance, moving things, rewriting lines, taking things out, misspelling the word “random,” and many other things. After about 20 minutes, my server kicked back on without errors, and the test entries I entered into the admin popped on the screen. On refresh, random food would populate.

Hungie lives.

So I guess I have actually to finish this now. Ugh. Who’s Hungie?