Pop Culture Graphic Design Show Design Behind The Mask Podcast launches!

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Feature, Secret Identity

  • Design Behind The Mask Podcast covering graphic design and user experience in pop culture fandoms launches in July 2022
  • The design and entertainment show covers typography, color phycology, logo design, branding, and content in comics, video games, movies and tv.
  • Hosted by design agency Secret Identity Inc
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Design Behind The Mask Podcast

Design Behind The Mask Podcast launches

Design Behind The Mask Podcast launches

Design Behind The Mask podcast from design agency Secret Identity takes an in-depth look at fictional brands and design experiences across pop culture. Good design practices are just as crucial in comics, video games, and serialized shows as it is for corporate brands. This show aims to highlight that fact. Join your host Carl Waldron and occasional guests as we discuss the complexities of the Lexcorp logo, examine the color palettes of superhero costumes, break down typographic choices in Nintendo games, and much more! New episodes every other Friday.

For more information, contact us, or visit SecretIdentity.net



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Sample: Duke Thomas The Signal

by Carl Waldron | Super. Black.

Deign Behind The Mask explores the impact of graphic design in pop culture. Visit https://designbehindthemask.com for more!

Sample: Trading Cards Start a Fandom

by Carl Waldron | Design Behind The Mask