Bray Wyatt is the Creepy Mr. Rogers and I’m In

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Feature

For the uninitiated, Bray Wyatt is am amazing creative talent in the WWE. He returned on WWE RAW this past Monday after a lengthy hiatus (he became a daddy!). Bray’s return is enough to draw some groans from fans. Not because they don’t like Bray. Quite the opposite, fans generally love Mr. Wyatt. It’s the lack of follow through on his white hot momentum over the years that confounds the WWE Universe. Couple that with a bizarre set of losses and a fantastically wasted gimmick and anyone would be skeptical when Bray comes around. Lucky for us, Bray Wyatt returned with a new persona, one with the potential to be the creepiest thing on television since Steve Buscemi.

Mr. Wyatt’s Neighborhood

In an offbeat send up to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, Bray donned a fantastic maroon sweater, slacks and a slicked back do, welcoming everyone to the Firefly FunHouse. Bray took the time to introduce us to a menagerie of grotesque puppet friends, one of which is a buzzard in a rundown cardboard box a la Oscar The Grouch. The vignette’s highlight depicted his metaphorical murder of his cult leader persona via chainsawing of a cardboard avatar.

Oh the potential of Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt Peek-A-Boo is your nightmare

I had an early conversation with my brother about the potential of Bray’s new persona. He is skeptical, stating the new gimmick is great for skits and short promos but how does that translate in0ring. That is a valid point, but lest we forget, his original Eater Of Worlds gimmick had the same stigma, which he overcame. Wyatt cut amazing promos, captivated large audiences and cultivated a fanbase based on his words. When it came down to throw down, he held his own and more, leaving fans clamoring for WWE to give him the strap.

His new gimmick opens the door to a wealth of creepy possibilities. He could cheerfully demolish his opponents and abduct them, transporting them to his Firefly FunHouse for continued amusement. He could also be a puppet of some unseen Lovecraftian force, controlled exactly like his puppet friends. When the bell rings, his Mr. Roger’s cheer evaporates and the monster inside activates. Throw in his brother Bo (with a resurrected, tweaked Bo-Lieve gimmick) and you have an unsettling duo who can reign supreme in the Tag division.

Still skeptical?

Mr. Neighbor's House

Mr. Neighbor’s House

Have you ever heard of Mr. Neighbor’s House? It’s a web series that parody’s Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. It is deeply unsettling and wholly entertaining. It explores the psyche of a man who operates a magical fun land with puppets, friendly neighbors and parties! And it all culminates in a horrifying truth. If you want to be sold on Bray’s new persona, go watch Mr. Neighbor’s House on Adult Swim.


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Bray Wyatt Peek-a-boo is a terrifying childrens game

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