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The Pod Hotel

Find the problem

The Pickwick Arms Hotels wanted to rebrand to appeal to a new, younger market

Solve the problem

Leveraging the smaller hotel rooms, we leaned into the nightlife of New York City with The Pod Hotel as your home base to drop off your gear and go party

The Impact

The brand expanded to Brooklyn and Washington D.C along with multiple locations in Manhattan.


The team at 321 Takeoff were tasked with rebranding the Pickwick Arms Hotel in midtown Manhattan. Upon visiting the hotel, we noticed the rooms were very small, and utilitarian. You had room for the essentials and not much else. We turned this perceived shortcoming into the hotels strength.

After much iteration, we fell in love with The Pod Hotel. We envisioned the hotel as a haven for young tourists looking to experience all that New York had to offer. These people would only need a bed to crash on before running back out into the city that never sleeps. The hotel also sports a gorgeous rooftop lounge, giving patrons even more reason to escape the room and explore the inn.

The logo is a versatile custom font that references the “Pods” people stay in. We paired it with the Agency Typeface to complete the mark. Over the years the brand has held strong with minor tweaks. The overall aesthetic and ideals we created for the brand are still intact, which is great to see.


Brand strategy, Web Design, Collateral Materials, Interior Design

  • Date

    June 1, 2008

  • Skills

    Design Direction, Front End Development

  • Client

    The Pod Hotel

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