Branding a Health-tech Startup
to Stand Above the Rest

The Problem

When launching a start-up in a competitive vertical, you need to define a brand that stands out among the mainstays in the industry. Not only defining the new company’s values but also crafting a unique identity that can last.

The Solution

I focused on Zipari’s commitment to both its clients and its client’s members. The Zipari Signal reflects the company’s mission to put people first. Whether it’s crafting user-tested portals with high-quality UX to make sure members have a smooth experience, or defining its own internal culture to make employees feel appreciated and safe.

We chose a slab serif typeface and it’s accompanying royal color palette to break free of the mass amounts of blue that dominate the healthcare industry. The royal purple mixed with the rose-red gives Zipari an almost regal appearance with a splash of passion.

The Result

Zipari is now a premier provider for Customer Experience software in the Health Care industry. They serve over 13 million members through partnerships with health carriers. Within the health care vertical, Zipari holds a massive market share and it’s brand remains a differentiator among it’s closest peers.