Healthcare Product Design

Using user testing data from end-users, my design team and I crafted a series of human-focused healthcare products.

Healthcare is difficult to understand for any age group. My team and I gathered user testing data and applied our findings to Zipari’s Healthcare Product Suite to make things a little easier.

Find A Doctor. Fast.

We sought to reduce the number of steps between a member and their ultimate goal of purchasing insurance, finding a doctor, locating their ID card, and several other critical use cases. A hefty dose of empathy was included in the design team’s thinking so we could identify more human pain points along the design journey.

The result is human-focused UX/UI for Healthcare Product Design that continues to evolve, keeping end-users as the top priority.

Mobile Provider App

From a product design perspective, our goal was to create a connected ecosystem of health apps to aid a health plan’s members in their care journey. That included Member portals, provider search apps, and our flagship, the health insurance Shopping portal (pictured below).

Health Plan Shopping Portal V1

These white-label products were tested by potential users and designed to make the difficult process of shopping for insurance or finding a provider who takes that insurance as fast and easy as possible.


Using our apps, our clients reported a 41% year-over-year increase in behavioral health usage, a 55% year-over-year increase in self-service (using our call center solution), and a 115% year-over-year increase in Telemedicine usage. We also received a 5-star Medicare Advantage Rating!

RX Search
RX Search

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