Netflix, add fitness programs please

by | Aug 15, 2019 | Feature

Who doesn’t have Netflix? There are 139.26 million Netflix accounts worldwide according to their Q4 newsletter. I can’t fathom the hours of endless scrolling leading to sleep these accounts have accumulated. The value of this streaming model can’t be denied. I have it and barely watch anything on it. I tend to scroll endlessly before nodding off, remote in hand (see above). A little bit of that is choice paralysis. My biggest issue is I always feel like I should be doing something productive with my time. One thing I tend to put off in favor of a, old-fashion scroll-nap is working out.

I love making fitness. It’s one of my favorite things to think about doing. I feel so accomplished imagining all the lifts I will lift and pushes I will up. When it happens, I feel refreshed, energized and able to design the heaviest logos you have ever seen. Most of the time I don’t and end up staring at an endless funnel of Netflix content before shamefully falling asleep with a cookie in my mouth. While in the shower, thinking of the pulls I didn’t up and the countless benches gone unpressed, I began to think of ways to force fitness into my life once more. What about an on demand fitness app with a built in 139.26 MILLION subscriber base? That’s absurd, nothing like that exists…

Hey Netflix, add fitness programs to your platform

Let’s make fitness together. Of all the workout programs I have purchased (so many), the best ones are digital streams I can do anywhere. And Netflix is everywhere. I was on a cruise in the middle of the ocean and people payed an extra $130 bucks to get Netflix on their phones. Talk about being everywhere. Breaking streaming workouts down into their simplest form; it’s a show with a set number of episodes. You know how to do that, right Netflix? You have that down to a science. There would be a few business benefits to this new venture as well.

Lower cost per episode

It seems like par the course to spend $8 million for an episode of quality programing these days. Not that trainers and their crew don’t deserve that kind of money, as a new trial avenue, the start up costs are probably significantly lower. The gains (yup, that’s a pun) would be substantial. I don’t know what it would cost to start a single program but a couple weights, some mats, a punch of enthusiastic workout groupies and a trainer carved from marble is all you need to start. What’s that come to, about a grand? More? I am bad with money (I am actually really good with money, just laugh and move on).

Get those fitness folks invested

Now you have a couple fitness programs on your network and the work out mavens are dropping 12 bucks a month to check out your plans. It may take a bit of time but if done right, Netflix could end up playing in gyms across the country, helping folks get fit. Then they go home and continue with another program. Of course, as with all gym memberships, they will eventually forget they are paying you and go about their business. Win win!

Highlight up and coming trainers

Akin to the Netflix comedy initiative that has made up and coming comedians like Dave Chappelle and Christopher Rock popular, you can do the same for new fitness trainers looking to help the masses lose mass. Beachbody had a great competition called The 20’s where trainers competed to be the next Beachbody “Super Trainer”. They gave a platform to fitness mavens to get out in front of the public and prove they can help them lose some weight. Netflix could cultivate their own pool of super trainers and build a nice Netflix Fitness cabal of hard bodies.

Live Events

Ready to get sweaty on Netflix!

I have been aching for a workout channel with live workout events. Not to beat a dead horse but Beachbody has done live online workouts before. They were a great motivation knowing people around the world were working out along with you. Netflix has a nice history of having live programming on its service. Why not stream some live workouts. With the right promotion, you can have some huge numbers tuning in. Then post the workout for not live people to enjoy.

Get experimental with your fitness programing

I love kettlebells (thanks Onnit). I would love a streaming/live kettlebell workout on Netflix. One with multiple seasons with different movements in each. To be perfectly honest, this is the only reason I am writing this piece. I want this and if I don’t say it, it might not happen. Let’s make this happen. Then, of course, there are things like Thai Chi, beginners yoga, some kind of dance programs and so on. Highlighting alternatives to the mainstream workouts would put Netflix in a fitness niche and allow that avenue to grow. Also bodyweight stuff, because the basics always work.

Are you interested in Netflix and fitness? Let’s talk about it. Or check out my other features.

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