Miami Heat branding embraces the 80’s

The new Miami Heat branding slapped me in the face with awesome. “Vice” is a bold new direction for the NBA franchise and I for one love it.

The “Vice” branding is ripped right out of the 80’s. These clean uniforms were designed in house by Brett Maurer. I tip my hat to you Brett. It is a wonderful execution. I might need to watch a game or two now. Just to witness the neon pink and blue lights during the intros (At least I hope that is what will happen). I don’t even like basketball. However, I will be buying these jersey’s. A well thought out homage to Miami in the 1980’s, these Vice jerseys and their accompanying aesthetic really evoke the neon era.


I mean, look at the black version. Sheesh.

Miami Heat Vice Jersey


Miami Heat Vice Jersey




Miami Heat Vice Jersey

Via How Design

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