Grammarly’s new logo is a step backward

by | Feb 7, 2024 | Feature

I am not sure why Grammarly changed their perfectly good logo. The original “G” icon acted as a refresh element on the Grammarly platform. It was a clever usage of the logo within the Product Design UI and subtly reinfored the brand whenever someone used the platform.

Grammarly’s new logo

Grammarly logos: Original and Extra Mild

The new chat bubble-esque “G” feels generic by comparrison and removes the cleverness of its UX utility. This follows a trend of clever or straight-up functional logos being redesigned for no apparent reason. Take Johnson & Johnson for instance. That script logo is iconic. Because of some internal shift, someone decided a standard sans serif font would work just fine.


Grammarly’s logo was already simple and did the job well. I can’t for the life of me see a reason to switch to what amounts to a sans serif G in a chat bubble.

Grammarly’s New Logo in “action” on the website

I love the service Grammarly provides. I use it to clean up article all the time. Ultimately this logo change does little, both in favor or against. From a design perspective, it’s a step away from what could have evolved into a strong brand design system revolving around the orignal logo.

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