A Quarantine-inspired fitness brand

Doing Muscles

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The Problem:

While locked in the house with very little to do, I needed motivation to not become an overweight slob. With the threat of stress eating looming, a reason to substitute in my weights had to be established.

The Solution:

I created Doing Muscles, a fitness motivation brand that allowed me to channel my anxieties into exercise, charity T-Shirt designs, and motivational Instagram posts. The name is taken from a conversation with a colleague who defined my working out as “Doing Muscles”. I fell in love with the name and ran off to develop a brand.

The logo is typeset in Din and modified to optimal muscular proportions. The logomark dubbed the “Skull and Macebones” are custom illustrations of my favorite “Implements of Gains”. A skull kettlebell and 2 steel maces make a fitness logo with a pirate feel. It evokes the freedom to explore unconventional methods of fitness when the norm is no longer available. Lift what you can, give nothing back!


As of this writing, a successful Doing Muscles branded t-shirt campaign concluded, with all proceeds going to Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn New York. More charity t-shirt campaigns are planned with new designs and fitness motivators.

If you would like to support Brookdale Hospital and the Doing Muscles Relief campaign, click here for the first t-shirt campaign to kick it off again!

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It’s a simple concept. Work so hard the weights perspire. Can your kettlebell sweat? Will your Steel Mace mop its brow? Do your barbells require a break before you’re finished lifting? Success comes when you pay with sweat. Let people know you make the weights chip in on the bill.