I’m told a Creative Director needs 3-6 case studies on their portfolio, and that’s it. But I have done so much over these past *counts on fingers* 21 years, I can’t just bury it all.

So welcome to my Studio. A place to hang my work, and provide a little more context to who I am and what I do.

Web Design & Development

Everyone needs a website. It’s the motto of many online website builders, and they aren’t wrong. Everyone needs a presence on the web, and I use my years of coding and design expertise to help facilitate that.

Your business or venture needs a tailored brand and web experience that can only be achieved through understanding your marketplace, how your values resonate with your target audience, and how to leverage that on your website. I can guide you through the process of figuring out the details and executing a multi-channel brand experience that will set you up for success.


I used to draw a bunch

As a boy, I wanted to be an “artist.” To me, that meant drawing for a living. I filled every sketch book my mother bought me (and there were many) to the brim with superheroes,  mythical creatures, still life sketches, and those weird S’s that you built with six lines. Remember those?

I don’t draw nearly as often as I did, but I try to do an illustration every day to remind myself of the love I had for drawing. 

The only time I draw now is with my daughter, who keeps asking to start an art Youtube channel. I was thinking of calling it “Daddy Daughter Drawing Corner.” What do you think?

I started a platform for Representation.

Super.Black. is my passion project. A platform dedicated to celebrating Black superheroes and Characters of Color. I grew up with very few superheroes to identify with. As a giant comic book and cartoon fanatic, that took its toll. More than I realized at the time. I gravitated toward characters that weren’t Black but had Black voices. They were as close as I could get to representation.

Super. Black. was created to bridge that gap for kids who may not know some super people who look like them. I try and update it every chance I get. If you know someone looking for a bit of representation inspiration, send them to S.B.

I have ideas, man…

I am burdened with an abundance of ideas. They come to me every day, and I never really know what to do with them. I jot them down and fill my GDrive with gold. Recently, I have started dipping into my digital treasure trove and pulling out ideas to execute. Why not show them the light of day and make room for more ideas?

So far, I have started a boutique pop culture design agency called Secret Identity, a fitness brand called Doing Muscles, various motion graphics projects, some logo work, a new pop culture platform, and I am currently working on a professional wrestling platform project called Gimmick’d.

Makers gotta make.

Facilitate joy through design

Doing LLC is the parent company of Doing and Secret Identity. Both ventures allow me to explore my design passions, help people, and facilitate joy through graphic design.

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