Art Direction Branding

Zipari Connect Event

Find the problem

Zipari’s old booth designs were dated and not aligned with the new brand strategy

Solve the problem

Design a eye-catching booth that tells the story of Zipari’s integrated product suite with as few words as possible

The Impact

Positive feedback from event-goers and lead generation for the Zipari sales team.

Zipari Connect was the inaugural user conference of the startup company. The Zipari Marketing team was responsible for organizing and executing the event. We had very little leeway when it came to dressing up the space due to signage restrictions. We selected an assortment of standing banners that both guided and informed participants. Utilizing the newly formed Zipari brand, the design team crafted an assortment of collateral and swag for the event including branded notepads, tote bags and pens.

We also crafted an interactive game, used to educate event-goers on a new Zipari product. We received very positive feedback from participants, many stating Zipari Connect didn’t feel like a first time conference. We will take these learning and improve our offerings for next year.


Event photography via: MARK KRONOV PHOTOGRAPHY


Art Direction, Event Space Design, Collateral Design

  • Date

    May 22, 2019

  • Skills

    Illustration, Art Direction, Brand Design, Brand Strategy

  • Client


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