Art Direction Branding

Zipari Blue Cross Blue Shield Event Booth

Find the problem

Zipari’s old booth designs were dated and not aligned with the new brand strategy

Solve the problem

Design a eye-catching booth that tells the story of Zipari’s integrated product suite with as few words as possible

The Impact

Positive feedback from event-goers and lead generation for the Zipari sales team.


Zipari participated in a Blue Cross Blue Shield conference in Spring 2019. We aimed to tell the story of our products and how they solve specific problems for different market segments. Our consumer facing digital products (blue) and the back office products (red) were on display, coupled with tailored messaging for each.


Utilizing finished brand guide to craft a story-driven event booth

  • Date

    December 18, 2018

  • Skills

    Art Direction, Illustration, Brand Strategy

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