Artwork Branding Illustration Mockup Work In Progress


Find the problem

I couldn’t seem to get a Dribbble invite

Solve the problem

I created my own personal Dribbble named Quickies

The Impact

Generated some buzz and in turn received a Dribbble invite


While waiting for a Dribbble invite, I created my own personal quick shot brand. Quickies. I created my personal, curated snapshot board where I posted little designs I would quickly come up with and execute. Why rely on other people when you can do it yourself! Plus, the Quickies logo was a Quickie in itself. A snake eating its own tail, or whatever the saying is.


To create a Dribbble alternative while I patiently waited for an invite.

  • Date

    June 2, 2017

  • Skills

    Ilustration, Creative Direction, Sketching, Adobe Creative Suite, Pen & Paper

  • Client


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Old School TV CW Quickies - Jiu Jitsu Quickie: Cake Icon Tempest Blayze Logo