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MD w/ ME

Find the problem

A home doctor visit platform needed a new logo and website refresh

Solve the problem

Modernized the brand and emphasized the important, personal relationship between a physician and the patient.

The Impact

The company continues to grow, doing work in Ghana to bring medical services to those in need


A rebranding of a medical technology company run by some very smart doctors. They were looking for a new identity to emphasize friendliness and helpfulness of the company. We all agreed the original logo had some interesting concepts but needed some refinement. I tried to incorporate the doctor / patient pictograms that were present. I also created a suite of logo treatments for different situations and a direction for their future marketing. The direction centered around a doctor always being with (w/) a patient, be it in person or while using their technology to make house-calls.


Tasked with a redesign of a new brand MD W/ Me along with web design and development.

  • Date

    July 1, 2015

  • Skills

    Illustration, HTML, Wordpress, Branding, Creative Direction

  • Client

    MD w/ ME

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