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Healthcare Marketing Portal

Find the problem

Health Plan’s old Marketing portals was difficult to update and it’s brand assets were outdated

Solve the problem

Develop a CMS system with custom plugins to accomodate a health plan’s marketing needs

The Impact

The marketing efforts of Zipari’s clients were streamlined making it easy to communicate the health plan’s initiatives

Early in the life of Zipari, I pitched a marketing portal solution to the CEO to cater to health plans with old web experiences. When a potential client requested such a product, I was excited to lead the project. We were asked to migrate a major healthcare companies entire marketing portal from its old system, to our new one. This included integrating our insurance shopping and provider search solutions.

Working closely with their marketing team, I advised them on what could be accomplished with their new system from a design perspective. I also coded reusable templates based on their given specifications and helped them with a migration strategy. Today, updating their solution is easy and fast. Our sophisticated integrations also allow for seamless connections with our other insurance solutions.


Technical Direction, Creative Direction, Front End Development, Back End Development

  • Skills

    HTML, CSS, JQuery, Django, Python

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